Monofilament Fishing LineMonofilament Fishing Line

A standard for many years, monofilament fishing line is still one of the most widely used fishing lines by fisherman today!

Although cheaper than braided fishing line and fluorocarbon fishing line, spending a little extra money to get good quality line is a must.

The top 3 leaders in research, development and manufacture of top quality monofilament fishing line would have to be Berkley, Stren and Sufix.

Each of these brands have a variety of lines for all fishing applications and as developers, of monofilament line would definitely be, in my opinion the best quality for the best price.

If you want the best fishing line available today, then check out these 3 brands for yourself.

Berkley Fishing lineBerkley Fishing Line

Although they have many different names and styles of monofilament fishing line available in all sorts of colours, strengths and a variety of controlled stretch abilities, I don’t think you can go past the Berkley Trilene big game range.

Shock resistant and extra tough, controlled stretch and abrasive resistant it has excellent knot holding strength that won’t let you down when it really counts.

Pound for pound Berkley fishing line can match it on every level as a top quality line manufacturer and a name you know and trust.

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 Stren Fishing Line

Stren Fishing LineStren has been around since 1958 and has been right on the leading edge of technology with it’s monofilament fishing line, braided fishing line and fluorocarbon fishing line ranges.

Stren Brut Strength is a line that claims to be as strong as any of it’s competitors monofilament lines, but thinner to allow for longer, smoother casts, and not as stiff or inflexible as other brands.

This line is tough strong, abrasion resistant, and flows off the reel time and time again.

Available in clear/ blue fluorescent or lo vis green, it’s visibility for any fishing condition is perfect.

If you are chasing even the shyest of fish, then stren fishing line will have you reeling them in.

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Sufix Fishing lineSufix Monofilament Fishing Line

With a claim like “Sufix | The worlds Most Hardcore Fishing Line!”, you can expect big things from this high performance monofilament fishing line.

The sufix superior monofilament range is made of their exclusive micro resin formula, which provides the perfect balance of strength and toughness, with a smooth finish for effortless casting that has it dominating every performance category.

With a selection of colors and strength ratings Sufix fishing line it is the perfect line for the all rounder.

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Not all monofilament lines are created equal and if you want a line that is going to outperform, outlast and not cost you a fortune each time you need to re spool, then check out one of these top of the range brands and get the best fishing line money can buy.

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