Telescopic Fishing Rod

One of the greatest inventions in fishing history would have to be the Telescopic Fishing Rod.

A rod that you can pack into carry on luggage, or in a back pack is brilliant for the traveling fisho!

If your short on space or need to hide it from the wife when you go on holidays, they are perfect for those occasions and you’ll never get caught out without a rod when the fish are on, again!

Shakespeare Medium Action Travel Mate Spinning RodTelescopic fishing rod

Shakespeare, the makers of the ugly stik seem to have come up with the most popular of the telescopic fishing rods.

It’s light weight, sets up, packs away easily, and is flexible enough to still be able to feel the fish.

If your a regular traveler or just need something you can easily pack in the car glove compartment, the bottom of your tackle box, or in your luggage, then get a Shakespeare Medium Action Travel Mate Spinning Rod (6-Feet 6-Inch) and be able to go fishing anywhere anytime.

Compact and strong, with quality components, this is a rod for all occasions!

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Eagle Claw Telescoping Fishing RodTelescoping Fishing Rod

Eagle Claw, the makers of some great terminal tackle, have come up with this compact telescopic fishing rod.

This rod extends to 5 feet 6 inches and compacts down to about 18 inches, and for the price it’s worth buying a couple to keep one in glove box and one in the back pack or camping gear, so you always have one on hand.

With smooth line guides to prevent line twist, casting and retrieval is a breeze.

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Larger Telescopic Fishing RodTelescopic Fishing Rod

7 Ft Palos Verdes Series Telescopic Rod

For a larger rod that you can keep in the glove box of your car when you go surf fishing, this 7 foot telescopic fishing rod is definitely the pick of the bunch.

For a convenient rod that still has the sensitivity you need, this rod makes a great addition to have on hand.

For portability and convenience a Telescopic Fishing Rod is the perfect answer.

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