Spinning RodThe Best Spinning Rod for the Job

The spinning rod and reel would have to be one of the most commonly used fishing combinations throughout the world.

A good spinning rod is versatile enough to be used in most fishing situations, and these days are built to withstand the demands of even the most vigorous fishing styles.

They are simple and easy to use, and are a perfect place to start for the amateur, or as an addition to any serious anglers fishing arsenal.

The main features of these rods is the guides on the underside of the blank, starting with a larger diameter guide closest to the butt of the rod, and decreasing in diameter as they head towards the tip.

This guide design helps to catch the larger loops of the line as it comes off the spool of a spinning reel, allowing it to travel with minimal friction all the way through the rod, assisting in longer more accurate casting.

Combining the right spin rod with the right size spinning reel, will allow you to use it in a variety of fishing styles without having to change more than your line class and your terminal tackle.

Spinning Rods for On Shore FishingOn shore Fishing

You can use a variety of rods for different styles of on shore fishing, from the ultra light spinning rods for flicking light lures and plastics, to a medium rod for casting heavy baits and spinning lures a long distances from the bank to where the fish are biting.

The materials used in spinning rods today allow for just the right amount of flex to give you good casting power, while being strong enough to spring back as you fight larger fish assisting the angler and doing some of the hard work for you.

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Spinning Rods for Deep Sea FishingSpinning rods for deep sea fishing

Any deep sea fishing usually means larger, more powerful fish, that will usually attempt to drag your line straight into the reef if you let it.

This style of fishing requires a spinning rod with good casting ability to send that bait, heavy lure, or popper, a fair distance from the boat, straight into the boiling school of bait fish getting busted up by tuna, mackerel or king fish.

Then you need your rod to have the backbone to help you scull drag that sucker to the side of the boat, before it takes off into the reef below, cutting you off and ruining your dinner plans of a fresh feed of fish!

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Boat Spinning rodSpinning Rods for Inshore Boat Fishing

You can use both light and medium size spinning rods when fishing from a boat. In shore fishing boats tend to be smaller than deep sea vessels, so the size of the boat you are fishing from, might determine the length of rod you can use without it getting in the way, especially if you are kayak fishing .

Using a light spinning outfit to flick lures or soft plastics along the banks around fallen trees or pylons of a jetty, and drifting over sand banks with a live bait can all be done with a spinning rod and reel to match.

The versatility of these rods is one of their great strengths, and using them to easily change gear to try different styles of fishing and targeting different species is all part of their attraction.

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