Big Game Fishing Rods

When it comes to off shore big game fishing rods you need one that is going to do the serious grunt work for you, when it counts the most!

Quality components on a quality blank are the key factors if you are serious about landing a big game fish.

Shimano Revolution Off Shore Series

Shimano is always my first choice when it comes to fishing rods for any

type of fishing.

Their components are always second to none and you know you are buying quality.

This T CurveĀ  Revolution series rod will have you puttin the hurt on any sized game fish and won’t let you down when it counts the most.

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Penn Gold Label Series Game Fish RodPenn Rods

Penn are much better known for their fishing reels rather than rods, but they have built rods that are rugged and durable to match their incredibly good reel range.

The Torque Rod Construction (TRC) provides a spiral wrapped graphite core that gives this rod it’s excellent strength.

Top quality components and a brand you can trust, if your a fan of the Penn Reel,then maybe you should check out this great rod.

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Okiaya Big Game RodGame Fishing Rods

If your only testing the waters with your big game fishing and don’t want to break the bank on a fishing rod you may never use again, then the Okiaya big game rod might be your best option.

All the reviews I have read to date have all been extremely positive and no one can work out how they can sell them for the price they do, so it might be worth a look if your keen to give some heavy fishing a try.

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