Best Baitcasting rodsBest Baitcasting Rods

A good baitcasting rod is a versatile weapon that can be used in a wide range of fishing styles, combined with a good baitcaster reel, these rods allow the angler to accurately cast along the banks of creeks and streams, drop baits and lures with precision around structure, rocks, trees and other areas normally difficult to cast into, where the fish love to hide and wait for their next feed.


Shimano Rods

Shimano would have to be the leaders in rod research and construction, with thousands of hours out on the water testing their rods (usually done by some of the best pro’s in the country), they continue to evolve as new materials and components are discovered.

The Shimano range of baitcast rods continue to improve in quality and value for money, here are a couple of their best to date.


Shimano Solara Casting RodBest Baitcasting Rods

A high quality rod at a low price!

With quality guides, comfortable cork handle and a strong lightweight construction, the fast action tips allows for accurate, smooth casting, and the blank construction allows for great control when retrieving large fish.

As a medium action rod it is incredibly sensitive and performs like a much more expensive rod.

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Shimano Scimitar Casting Rodsshimano baitcaster

The Scimitar range has everything from light to medium heavy casting rods to handle all types of baitcasting situations.

The strong graphite construction allows for a fast sensitive tip with medium to strong action.

Components are top class as Shimano always is, and the lightweight construction is built for power and comfort.

When paired with the right reel, these rods have a great balance and feel to them, making them a pleasure to fish with.

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Daiwa Rods

I do love Daiwa rods, and they always seem to have a match or even better rod than Shimano in some categories.

Competitively priced and built to last, all Daiwa rods are serious contenders in my books!

The couple of rods below are stand outs in there applications and are well worth a look if you are after a quality rod with a low price tag.

Daiwa Exceler 2 Piece Trigger Casting RodDaiwa Rods

The trigger grip is a main feature of the baitcasting rods in this series, which allows for a diverse range of technique specific actions, it has a strong graphite construction, medium action with a fast tip for accurate cast, and sensitive bite detection.

Quality O-ring guides a tough EVA  ergonomic grip and strong reel seat, balance this rod out just nicely for the beginner, right up to the pro angler.

If twitching crankbaits and soft plastics is your thing, this rod is perfectly suited to these styles of fishing.

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St Croix Rods

The incredibly popular St Croix Rod Company have an amazing range of high quality rods for all salt and fresh water needs.

The premier casting range has a rod to suit very situation you could possible find yourself in and each one a fine piece of craftsmanship.

A little more expensive than your average baitcaster, but if you are looking for quality guaranteed to last a lifetime, then you might want to check out one of these little beauties!

St Croix Premier Series Casting RodsSt Croix Rods

Beautiful to look at and beautiful to hold, the outstanding strength  sensitivity and hook setting power, sets these rods apart from the rest of the competition.

The action and taper of these rods coupled with quality components make it a well balanced weapon of mass destruction.

Once you pick one up its hard to put it down!

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