Deep sea fishing reelsDeep Sea Fishing Reels

The type of fishing you are doing, the species of fish you are targeting, and even the depth of water you plan to fish in, will all determine the size and type of  deep sea fishing reels will best suit your needs.

From hard core big game overhead reels, to light spinning reels, each has a place in the arsenal of a keen deep sea fishing enthusiast.

Here I have outlined the most common reels used out at sea, and a their primary uses.

Big Game ReelsDeep sea fishing reels

If your targeting Marlin, Tuna, Shark or big King fish, these are the reels you will need to get the job done.

Heavy duty, quality components are a must, most good big game reels will have a 1 piece housing frame to keep out the salt water, a lever drag, which allows you to adjust the drag on the go if you need to add a bit of extra hurt to a big fish, the drag washers should be carbon/stainless or Teflon, and all gears and bearings should be stainless steel.

A level winder is not a necessity but does come in handy, although they are usually the first thing to go wrong due to all the extra moving parts.

Due to their size and weight, big game fishing reels are not very good for other styles of fishing, and because of the usual high price of these reels,(you want quality, you have to expect to pay for it!)  they tend to only come out when their are serious game fish around.

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Overhead ReelsDeep Sea Over Head Reel

If your into trolling for some of the medium size pelagic’s like tuna, mackerel and wahoo, bottom fishing for your favourite reef fish, or jigging with medium to heavy knife jigs, then using an overhead reel will suit these styles well.

A good quality overhead reel with lever drag, level winder and a reasonable winding ratio, will handle the majority of deep sea fishing situations, and can add a little more grunt than a spinning reel if necessary, to drag up some of the more aggressive fighting fish.

Again the level winder is purely a creature comfort, and if you are not one to look after your gear then probably best to go without, as seizing up is a common problem if not looked after and in cheaper models, due to poor quality parts.

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Spinning ReelsDaiwa Spinning Reel

Using spinning reels for deep sea fishing has become more and more popular over the last 10 years, as fishing with soft plastics, lures and poppers, has become a much more widely used style of fishing.

A good spinning reel is a lot more versatile than an overhead, and teamed with the right rod, can handle pretty much everything you could throw at it.

The beauty of a good spinning reel is you can switch between styles of fishing easily, by changing the spool over to a lighter or heavier line gauge that you have pre spooled, then attaching whatever terminal tackle is required.

A spinning reel set up with a medium to heavy braid will cover anything from trolling to heavy jigging, bottom bashing to flicking a lure amongst a school of fish busting up on the surface.

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Deck/ Hand WinchDeck Winch

In deeper waters having one of these spooled up with 80 pound braid, a lump of lead on the bottom and a couple of 6/0 circle hooks, is a sure way to catch a feed of deep sea fish like blue eyed trevalla, bar cod or gem fish.

It might take a bit of manual labor (depending on how deep you are) to get them to the surface, but the catch is usually well worth it!

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Electric Fishing ReelsElectric Fishinf Reels

Not my cup of tea because I think it takes the fun out of it, but for someone who is physically challenged, or if you want to fish the really deep water without having to do the manual work of winding it in, then an electric fishing reel might be for you.

Available today are winder attachments that let you use your normal reel and they attach on the side, and have their own battery pack, or you can buy reels purpose built with 12 volt power, digital line counter, and programmable to auto stop at a certain depth, or when the line reaches the surface.

If you want to take the hard work out of fishing an electric fishing reel might be the way to go!

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