Fishing Gear and Gadgets

There is some really cool fishing gear and fishing gadgets available today, that will help improve your chances of landing the fish of a lifetime, and then there is some stuff that you just want to have because it is cool.

Some of this fishing gear is a must have to make your fishing experience much safer, or to be able to use technology to your advantage when searching for the big one, or just because you want to be the first of your mates to have the latest gear available.

Whatever your reason, here is some of the best fishing equipment available today.

Fish Finders

Fish Finders

I remember as a kid on holidays once, Dad took us boys out fishing, He brought along a diving mask so he could take a look over the side of the boat in the hope of seeing where the fish were.

Fish Finders have come a long way since then, and now you can get everything from a high tech colour Garmin or Lowrance unit, hand held portable units for your Kayak or small craft, and even  fish finder watches.

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Fishing Gear


Fishing GPS UnitsFishing GPS

In the old days you would find your favourite fishing spot by lining up a clump of trees, a mountain, or some other local landmark, and hope for the best that you had put yourself back on the same spot you caught those fish last time you came out on the water.

Today, all you need is a good GPS and the co ordinance to yours or someone else’s secret fishing marks.

With a GPS that is programmable, is easy to set marks when you find fish, and reliable enough to get you home if you lose sight of land, is a must have now on any sized craft.

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Under Water Fishing CamsFish Cameras

Imagine being able to see what was happening in real time underneath your boat.

Now you can with one of these underwater fishing cameras!

From the Fusion fish eye rod and reel, to the fish Tv with camera and 5 inch monitor, you will be able to see exactly what the fish are doing to increase your chance of a catch.

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Fishing EquipmentFishing Equipment

There is a whole stack of other fishing gear you could want or need:

  • Lip Grips
  • Enviro Landing Nets
  • Tackle boxes
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Fishing Games
  • Electric fishing Reels
  • Fishing Knives
  • Hook Removers
  • Braid Scissors
  • Terminal Tackle
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 Kayak Fishing GearKayak Fishing Gear

Kayak fishing has almost become a sport of it’s own, with fishing tackle companies beginning to make certain products specifically with the kayak angler in mind.

Finding the right gear that mounts properly and fits into the limited space that is available in a kayak is now easier than ever, and the range of products and quality getting better all the time.

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