Deep Sea FishingBest Trolling Rods

Regular or medium trolling rods come in 2 varieties and are usually able to be used for more than one fishing style,

  • Over head Rods
  • Spinning Rods

With medium trolling you can be a little more versatile than with big game fishing rods, and even use the rod for other styles of fishing without having to change over a lot of gear, you may not target large game fish while using one of these lighter weight rigs, but I have certainly still seen big game fish get caught and landed with a good medium trolling out fit!

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Over Head Rods for Trolling

A solid over head rod is the perfect tool for both trolling and bottom fishing, combined with the right reel and line set up, targeting big to medium fish on the surface and in deep water is as simple as a change over of terminal tackle.

Over head rods are designed to have maximum pulling power, to enable the angler to use the rod and it’s flex and return, to assist when fighting big fish.

This makes the over head rod perfect for trolling stick baits, right up to big skirted lures and they will handle your full range of pelagic’s right up to your medium sized Marlin.

Quality runners, reel seat and gimbal are a must for reliability and comfort.

Spinning Rods for trolling

The technology and design of spinning rods today allows them to be used in situations that in the past, would have put your rod at risk of  letting you down or breaking if you hooked up on a fish larger than it was rated for.

These days spinning rods are used for anything from flicking a crank bait or popper, trolling a stick bait or skirted lure, to bottom bashing for big fish like Sampson or King fish.

Their versatility as a rod is good for the angler in situations where conditions and target species may change during the course of the day allowing the angler to change fishing styles without having to change rods.

Shimano Trolling Rods

Shimano Over Head RodShimano Trolling rods

Shimano TDR rods and reels are perfect for medium trolling applications and bottom bashing, as a trolling rod they are strong and dependable, yet sensitive enough to feel everything as it happens, with super strong construction and quality components that are standard with Shimano rods, this is the perfect rod for the beginner to the intermediate angler looking at trying their hand at chasing a few of the popular pelagic species.

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Shimano Spinning RodShimano Spinning Rod

Quality, reliability and versatility is what you need in a spinning rod that can be used for medium trolling, other surface fishing and even bottom fishing when the circumstances allow.

A quality spinning rod can be heavy duty in design without being heavy duty in feel!

Strong, lightweight components built to withstand the harsh conditions of trolling heavy lures or fast action jigging is exactly what the Shimano Saguaro spinning rod is, and more.

Sensitive tip and strong backbone make this rod perfect for all heavy spinning styles of fishing.

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