Fly Fishing basicsFly Fishing Basics

You can now learn all the fly fishing basics any where with this in depth guide to fly fishing  for beginners.

After my recent trip down south and my first ever fly fishing experience, I loved it so much I wanted to know more, once I got home I decided to look for a book that would cover all the fly fishing basic’s that I had already been shown, (as a way to remind myself of them) but I also wanted to learn a little bit more about this awesome sport.

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Basics of fly fishing

There is so much that you can learn about fly fishing, and all the basics are covered with this complete guide.Fly fishing equipment

  • This method of fishing has been around for over 2000 years, learn it’s history and how it came about.
  • The equipment you need for this type of fishing is different to any other form of fishing I know of, find out what gear you need, from rods, flies and other accessories
  • Learn the best times of day to maximise the chance of a catch
  • Get the bonus video on how to tie your own fly
  • Learn the difference and advantages between wet and dry fly fishing
  • Get the best tips on boat and or land casting
  • Finding the best locations and how to plan for your first excursion
  • Get all the beginners tips and tricks for landing that perfect fish

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Get Even More

If  all that information isn’t enough there are a couple of other bonuses you will get with it.

Bonus 1

  • 101 fly fishing tips for beginners

This is a 50 page guide full of expert tips and tricks to boost you fishing skillsFly fishing flies

Bonus 2

  • Tying your own flies video

This step by step video will teach you how to make your own unique flies.

Bonus 3

  • The Complete Angler

This is 300 pages of pure gold, with tips on fishing at different depths, different flies for different months of the year, and much more.

No Brainer

If your serious about wanting to learn all you can about fly fishing basics, than this package has got you covered. It was perfect for me to remind me of what I was shown down south as well as a few things I wasn’t taught.

With a 60 day money back guarantee it’s a no brainer, you’ ve  got nothing to lose, but trust me you wont be disappointed. I know I wasn’t!

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