On Shore FishingOn Shore Fishing

If your after some safe clean fun, that the whole family can get into and enjoy, then shore fishing would have to be at the top of the list.

It’s easy to do, inexpensive to get into, and it can be relaxing and exciting, while soaking up hours outdoors in the sunlight and fresh air.

Styles of on shore fishing

Depending on where you live and what you have access to, on shore fishing is done in both fresh and saltwater and most styles of fishing are done in both.

Hand LiningHand line fishing

Hand lining is probably the simplest form of recreational fishing and doesn’t require a great deal of equipment or skill to get started.

All you need is a hook, sinker, and a reasonable length of fishing line, wrapped around a moulded hand-line, (or something similar in shape can be used), and some sort of bait that is likely to be eaten by whatever species of fish live in that area.

The hardest part of hand-line fishing is learning to cast, but after a few tries this starts to become easier and in no time you’ll be shooting the line straight into the strike zone.

The best place for hand-lining is along a riverbank, creek or stream where you have a reasonable clearing around you, free from tree branches and other obstacles, that may make casting even more difficult.

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Rod FishingFishing Rod

Once you progress to using a fishing rod it opens up a whole range of onshore fishing styles.

Fly fishing, bait casting, fishing with lures or soft plastics, all variations with the right rod and reel combination, can be done from the shoreline of most bodies of water.

Some can be done with the same rod/reel combination, while others such as fly fishing are done with fishing tackle specifically designed for that type of fishing.

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Fishing ReelsFishing Reels

Fishing reels for on shore fishing are not generally as heavy duty as those used for deep sea fishing, and the line class will be lighter to allow for long casts and the ability to target smaller species of fish.

If you are fly fishing you will need a reel to suit this style of fishing, but with most other styles a spinning reel, a baitcast ot even a side cast reel can be used.

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Fishing GearHow to know what gear to use

The first thing you need to do is a little research on the area you intend to go fishing, and find out what type of fish are common in those areas.

Unless fly fishing is a passsion you wish to pursue, then a light to medium spin combination will give you the best opportunity to try catching fish using several of the other styles.

A hook, swivel and running sinker, is a  simple tackle set up for rivers and creeks with sandy bottoms, and being able to easily change over your setup to start fishing with lures, or soft plastic is easy enough to do, if you want to work around structure, along a bank or in rocky areas where fish might hide or feed.

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Benefits of Onshore fishingFishing with the kids

The beauty of onshore fishing is you don’t need to own a boat, it’s easy enough to pack up and go home when the kids get bored or the mozzies find you, and it is a great, fun and healthy way to enjoy time with the family.

Most starter rod and reel combos can be brought pretty cheaply from most sports, or department stores, and can provide hours of entertainment for everyone.

Get out and try a spot of fishing today!

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