Salt Water Fishing

Growing up, salt water was all I had access to, and until a recent fly fishing trip down south, salt water was all I knew, and mostly land based fishing at the local creek or  beach.

Since my youth I have now had the opportunity to try most other forms of fishing, and although some are similar in the gear you use, or the species you target, there are still differences you need to consider if you are wanting to be successful when fishing these other styles.

Variety in Salt Water Fishing Environments

There are a variety of situations you will come across when salt water fishing, that require different tackle and techniques for the type of fish you are targeting, from flicking a lure or fly along the bank, casting soft plastics in around structure from a boat or kayak, to trolling heavy lures or bottom bashing for reef fish, you want to be sure you have the best gear for the job.

Some rods and reel combinations  can handle a variety of these different situations, whereas others need a specific combo for that one situation, or you’re going to struggle to get the results your after.

Deep Sea FishingDeep Sea Fishing

My favourite form of salt water fishing would have to be Deep Sea fishing.

There is no better feeling than hooking onto a large reef fish, or one of pelagic species and fighting with it all the way to the boat, letting it go, and getting your line back in the water to hook onto another one.

There are several different ways of fishing the ocean and trying out a number of these always adds a sense of excitement when you try something new and you hook up on a big one.

Having the right gear, that can handle tough situations and tough fish, is important if you are going to be successful at this style of fishing.

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On Shore FishingRiver  or stream Fishing

Working the banks or wadding in to get your line in the perfect strike zone, can be an extremely rewarding style of fishing.

Having the freedom to trek to un-explored parts of the system, to fish were few have fished before, and seek out your target species is what fishing is all about.

Lighter gear and gear that is portable and easy to carry, is what you need to make the most from this style of fishing.

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Boat Fishing Boat Fishing

If your lucky enough to have access to a boat, it opens up a whole range of fishing styles you can do that can’t be done from land.

Trolling, working the banks around trees and other structure, and having the ability to quickly get from one part of the fishing are to another in time for tide changes, or other environmental changes, can really increase your chances of finding the fish you are targeting.

There is a whole range of fishing gear you can use when your on the water, from GPS fish finders, water snake electric motors, and the perfect sized boat rod and reel combinations will make this style of fishing a great experience and hopefully a successful one.

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Kayak FishingKayak Fishing

Kayak fishing has taken off in popularity in the last few years, as kayak construction has greatly improved, and designs have changed on some variety’s to cater specifically for the fishing enthusiast.

Taking a trip out to sea to work in close reefs and bommies, or trolling lures at the back of the surf break is now not limited to powered craft and can be done easily and safely in a kayak.

Similar to in boat fishing, you have the ability to work banks and snags to put your self in the strike zone, but also reach smaller parts of the river or stream not accessible from land or by powered boat.

Having the right gear to make the most from your kayaking adventures is all part of the charm.

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Surf FishingSurf Fishing

Mastering surf fishing, by learning to read where the fish are, and having the right gear to be able to get out through the breakers is a great challenge!

Standing at the waters edge ready to cast out, as the sun rises or sets, is a magical experience, and one every angler should try to see at least once in their life.

There are many species of excellent eating and sport fish that can be taken from most beaches around the world.

Whether its action or just relaxation the beach is the perfect place to wet a line!

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Fly FishingFly Fishing

The oldest form of sport fishing, fly fishing is a whole new world to the un-initiated.

Fishing with flies is an art form that not everyone gets the chance to appreciate, it can be frustrating for the beginner and can take many years to master the art of presenting the fly perfectly, on the surface of the water, exactly where you want it time after time until you encourage the fish to strike.

The gear for fly fishing is specific to this style and it’s important to know what you are using and the best combinations of gear to use in which situation.

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