Kayak FishingKayak Fishing

Heading to your favourite fishing spots to do a bit of kayak fishing (yak fishing) has become more an more popular in the last 10 or so years.

Kayaks themselves have been around for hundreds of years, and you could use any old kayak to fish from, however, some brands have now been purpose built specifically for fishing.

These new craft are made from super strong moulded plastics, and offer a few things you won’t find on the old kayak the Eskimo’s use to fish from.

If your intention is kayak fishing then the main things you need, are good primary and secondary stability, lots and lots of storage space, and as much flat upper deck space to be able to mount all your necessary  fishing gear.

Pedal KayakPedal kayak

One company (Hobie) invented a pedal system, that they have put in several of there fishing kayaks, as well as other recreational models.

These pedals drive fins mounted under the boat by alternately pushing the pedals mounted on top where your feet naturally go, this drives the craft forward, allowing for hands free operation which is perfect for when you are hooked up on a big one, and need to chase it for a while to tire it out.

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Ocean KayakOcean Kayak

One design (Sit on Top), has a virtually unsinkable hull that is built with an abundance of internal storage space and water tight compartments, with deck accessories purposely mounted to allow the angler to head offshore and fish bays and inshore reefs on a incredibly sturdy fishing platform

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Kayak Fishing GearKayak Fishing Gear

There is an entire range of kayak fishing gear available specifically for this sport, from kayak fish finders, GPS units and all the other paraphernalia you would usually carry if you were boat fishing.

You can mount rod and landing net holders, mount a lumbar support seat, store and strap down just about anything you can think of that you would need when out on the water.

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Best Rods for Kayak FishingFishing Rods

Most boat rods are suitable for kayak fishing with the main things to consider are;

  • Target species
  • Style of fishing
  • Available space

It is a fine line between getting a rod that is long enough to allow you to cast distance from a seated position while not being to long to be a hindrance.

Because you can do several styles of fishing from a kayak, finding a rod that is versatile will allow you to easily switch between styles without having to carry too much gear.

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Best Reel for the jobFishing Reels

The reel you use should always match up with the style of rod you are using, miss matching your combo can lead to issues that may cause you to lose a fish, or  just be awkward or uncomfortable to use.

The type of fishing you tend to do from a kayak only requires light gear, so a baitcast or spin combo will handle most situations.

The best idea is to choose a style of fishing you will do the most, and the fish species you are most likely to target.

Get a rod that is suitable and then match it with the reel that matches the rods specifications.

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The Benefits of Kayak FishingKayak Fishing

Set up with the right gear, fishing from a kayak can be a fun, challenging and a rewarding way to fish, you can access areas of the river larger craft cant get into, silently fish the shallows and along banks with lures, soft plastics or flies, and you could even head out to sea to chase Mackerel or drop a line on a reef for snapper or other reef fish.

Kayaks are not only versatile as a fishing craft, but are great exercise out in the fresh air as well!

Do yourself a favour, get out and try a Yak today!

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