Saltwater Fly FishingFly Fishing

I recently headed down south and tried my first session of fly fishing.

What an experience!

I have used light gear to fish with before, but this is a whole new level of challenge.

I must say after an hours lesson on how to fly fish, and then quite a few hours practicing my technique, I still didn’t feel I had a feel for the fly fishing basics.

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How to Fly Fish

Our instructor for the day was passionate about fly fishing, he gave us a good 10 minute talk just on the life cycle of the Nymph (Cods food of choice), then their was the history and variety of fly fishing flies, why they used different fly fishing feathers, and this was before we had even wet a line.

Fly Fishing for Bass

We finally got to wander around the various ponds and lakes setting our flies were we suspected their may be a a hungryHow to Fly Fish cod waiting to attack our Nymph look-alike.

We weren’t fly fishing for bass, we were targeting cod, but a bass was the only catch we had on the first day.

It took some time but I finally felt I had some control over were I could set my line.

This style of fishing was a real challenge and it really inspired me to want to do more of it in the future.

At One With Nature

As an amateur fisherman i had never really put that much thought into the life cycle of the bait I was using, how at different times of it’s life it would cause a fish to slightly change it’s eating habits, and why a certain species of fish may or may not be attracted to certain baits.

I have started looking at all the other styles of fishing I usually do, and try to get a better understanding of the fish and it’s natural instincts and urges to feed.

I can only imagine it may improve my chances of a better catch.

Fly Fishing GearFly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing gear is different to most other styles of fishing and fanatics of this style of fishing really do get right into it.

There is an art form in the technique necessary to be good at this style of fishing, as well as an art form in creating your own flies.

If you are keen to try for yourself you can find all the gear you need to get started here,

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Flies and LuresArtificial flies

If making your own flies and lures isn’t your thing then you can always buy pre made ones ready to go.

You may need to do a little research as to the best ones to use in the area you are going to fish as it seems certain species are attracted to different shapes and sizes.

You can find the different types available here,

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Fly Fishing RodsBest Fly Rod

The rods used for this style of fishing tend to be much longer and more flexible than other rods of this size.

The action of the rod is important as it is a big part of the technique used to present the fly perfectly where the angler wants it to go.

Not having the right rod would certainly add to the difficulty of learning this precise and unique style of fishing.

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Fly Fishing ReelsFly Reel

Fly Fishing reel design has not really changed in the last 100 years, and apart from making them out of lighter and stronger materials, and improving on the current drag systems, I dont expect they will change dramatically in the next 100 years.

The idea of a good fly reel is simple, yet effective, minimal moving parts and every action as smooth as possible, it needs to be dependable and sturdy enough to handle heavier guage fly line when needed.

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