Trolling FishingTrolling Fishing

Trolling is a successful and exciting method for catching pelagic fish, and giant game fish, in offshore waters.

There is nothing like the buzz when deep sea fishing, of seeing a dorsal fin rising from the water to chase and engulf a live bait or lure you are dragging in the wash just at the back of the boat.

The size of gear you use will depend on the potential size of the fish you are targeting, but unless you are specifically targeting Marlin or other giant bill fish, then medium to light trolling gear is all you will need.

Setting the lure or live bait in the strike zone for best results is still a mix between science and luck, as no one really knows what causes a fish to take a certain bait or lure when it does.

Every angler I know has a different theory on where to set their line, how deep it should be, and what coloured lure or bait type to use.

My greatest success has come from trial and error, asking other local fisho’s their tricks, and then experiment.

The one thing that is certain, is you need to have the right trolling fishing gear, if you want the best results and not get let down, when you finally hook up!

Trolling RodsTrolling rod

You could use any old rod to troll with, but you are asking for a whole lot of trouble if you hook up to a good size predatory fish.

A trolling rod needs to have the back bone to take the weight of a lure or live bait being dragged behind the boat at around 7 knots, and the strength to handle the grab and run when a big fish strikes.

Good trolling rods are designed to aid the angler and work with them to control strong powerful fish.

The action of the rod is important to help it return to its standing position against the pull of the fish, so the angler doesn’t have to do all the pulling work with their arms and shoulders, but merely lean back on the rod then wind forward to quickly take up any slack.

The wrong rod is likely to break, or at best cause you to have to do all the back breaking work yourself, to battle your catch to the side.

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Trolling ReelsTrolling Reel

From heavy duty big game reels, to medium sized overhead or spinning reels, the one thing you need is reliability.

There is nothing more frustrating then seeing someone hook up on a good fish, only to lose it because there reel jammed up, or froze.

Good trolling reels need to have quality components, a good drag system, be the right size for the line class you are using, and tough enough to handle the rigors of fighting big fish.

Spending a little extra on a good quality reel, can sometimes be the difference between a good and a bad fishing trip!

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Trolling With LuresTrolling Lures

There is no hard and fast rules when it come to what lure type or what colour to use, for what species of fish.

I have heard some old fisho’s talk about how they use dark coloured lures on sunny days, and light coloured lures on dark days, while others have just as much success using the one old favourite they have had kicking around in their tackle box for years!

The one rule I stick to, is trying to match the lure to to the size, colour and action  of whatever the main food source is around at the time.

This sometimes means switching between a few different designs or colours of lure, till you find out what is working on the day.

It is usually even a good idea to have a variety of colours in the same lure, as the conditions and how the lure presents to the fish may differ on the day.

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Terminal TackleTrolling Tackle

With this style of fishing you really need quality, medium to heavy duty terminal tackle.

I have seen way too many hook ups go wrong, when the hook straightens, a snap swivel stretches open, or even just the wrong line class is used and you get busted off too easily.

Some days you are trolling around for hours looking for fish, so when you finally hook up you don’t want the fact that you saved a few cents, or even a couple of dollars, buying cheap or poor quality terminal tackle be the reason you are going home empty handed.

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