Boat FishingBoat Fishing

Going out boat fishing has always been an exciting time for me, as most of my youth I only had the chance to go shore fishing except on a few rare occasions.

Fishing from a boat gives you a much greater area of water to cover, and allows you to get into places, that from the shore may not be easily accessible.

Boat fishing gives you the opportunity to take a bit more equipment, and things that can help in the search for your target species, like a fish finder or GPS to find your favourite fishing spots easily.

You can carry extra tackle, lures, poppers or soft plastics, so you can quickly change your terminal tackle over if you want to try a different style of fishing, and there is always room for an esky to hold a few cold drinks and a bit of lunch to make the day more enjoyable.

Boat Fishing GearBoat Fishing Gear

Fishing from a boat can be as simple as using a hand line and dropping it straight over the side to fish the bottom, but if you want to get the most out of your trip having a good rod and reel combo allows you to fish lots of other styles.

  • Trolling
  • bait-casting
  • Flicking lures or soft plastics
  • jigging
  • Fly Fishing

Having a boat also means you can carry a lot more gear that you can’t carry on foot, and it can be stored where it is accessible so you have less chance of leaving it behind.

GPS units and fish finders can be securely mounted and always ready to go, tackle boxes can be stowed easily so you have a good range on hand for all types of fishing, and all the other gear and gadgets that help make a trip more successful and enjoyble are all within reach.

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Fishing RodsFishing Rods

This is one of those times when size does matter!

You can probably get away with using a rod that you use for some shore fishing, or even for deep sea fishing, but taking along your 12 foot surf rod is probably not a good idea!

The best rods for boat fishing are usually light to medium spin rods around the 5 to 6 feet mark, personally I find anything over 6  foot starts to get in the way and they don’t really have any great advantage with the extra length.

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Fishing ReelsFiahing Reels

You could use any style of reel if you really wanted to, but some of them may limit you in the style of fishing you want to do.

If you are only trolling or bottom  fishing in deep spots, you could use an overhead reel, and obviously if you are fly fishing you would need a proper fly fishing set up, but for everything else you could use a spin reel, a bait-caster reel, and even a side cast reel that you would usually use for Surf Fishing if you want to.

Probably the best 2 options would be a spin reel or a bait-caster, as they allow for greater accuracy when casting, and much smoother retrieves, as well as with a spin rod you can usually change the spool over to a lighter or heavier line class if you find you need it.

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 Fishing TackleFishing Tackle

The beauty of fishing from a boat is that you can pretty much do every styles of fishing there is, and you are only limited by the tackle that you can take with you.

Bottom fishing, surface fishing and sometimes even both can be done at the same time, you just have to choose a target species, work put the best way to catch them and then choose your tackle set up accordingly.

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The Benefits of Boat FishingBoat Fishing

Boat fishing has many advantages in the fact that you can access areas you can’t get to on foot, as well as the ability to work along the bank from a better position, to get your lures in amongst structure like logs and rocks etc.

You also are able to move from one area to another reasonably quickly, to take advantage of tide changes, or other environmental factors that may occur as the day goes on.

If you have access to a boat, get out on the water this weekend and enjoy everything it has to offer!

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