Fishing would have to be one of the greatest past times dating back to the stone age!

As a kid growing up, I would spend every waking hour fishing, reading about fishing, watching fishing shows, or just thinking about the next time I could go fishing.

Experiencing every aspect of this past time is still my goal today and love sharing all I learn along the way!


 You might say it was a bit of an obsession, and still is!

There is so much gear available today for every type of angling, lures in more shapes and sizes than you can poke a stick at, as well as rods, reels and every other type of tackle, in that many varieties, that just going to the local tackle shop has become a mind boggling experience.

Going fishing should be as easy as possible!

Learn about different styles of fishing, and then find the right gear, to go out and enjoy the thrill of catching fish.


Saltwater fishing

Saltwater Fishing

If you are lucky enough to live near or be able to travel to an area that has saltwater, you have access to so many styles of angling, and species of fish.

From the depths of the ocean (deep sea-offshore), or just off the shore (surf ), to rivers, creeks and streams, on foot, in boats or off a jetty, you can fish the bottom, along the banks or surface trolling for some of the worlds most exciting varieties of fish.

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Fishing RodsRods

We have come along way from the humble bamboo pole, and rods today are made from space age materials like carbon fiber and graphite.

Choosing a rod that suits your angling style, ability and budget, doesn’t have to be confusing, by looking at a couple of key factors you can easily determine what is the best rod for your needs.

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Fishing Reels Reels

Advances in reels and their applications, have certainly changed over the last 20 years, and finding a reel that is right for the job is sometimes a daunting task.

The concept of the reel and it’s basic functions have stayed relatively the same, but the combinations of reel, line and rod needs to be considered if you want the most from your gear.

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Fishing Tackle


Tackle needs, from one angling style to the next can vary greatly, and the species of fish you target is also an important factor in the fishing tackle you need to use.

Reliable tackle that won’t let you down when it counts the most is a must have for any angler.

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Fishing lureslures

probably belongs under the heading of tackle, but using lures to fish has become almost a sport on it’s own so I figured it deserved it’s own section.

Hard body lures, soft plastics and jigs are now being used to catch fish that once upon a time you would not have dreamt of attempting to catch on anything but the freshest of baits.

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FishingFishing Gear

Fishing gear is a pretty big category that covers everything from sounders to tackle boxes, the latest gadgets to wet weather gear.

If you need it, or want it to make your fishing a better experience, then we probably have it here!

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Fishing TipsTips and Gear Reviews

I’ll endeavour to source from all over the planet, the most up to date tips from experts in all areas of fishing.

Get all the information, from tying the right knot, to bait presentation, lure choice, to how to get the most from your plotter or sounder.

Read reviews on the latest gear and gadgets, to find out what the pros are using  out on the water today!

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