Terminal TackleTerminal Tackle

All the bits and pieces that connect from the end of your fishing line to secure your bait or lure is called terminal tackle.

As small as this tackle is, it’s importance is huge if you want to be successful at catching and landing a fish.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best fishing combination (rod and reel) on the water, if your terminal tackle set up is wrong or you are using inferior quality, you will be let down sooner or later.

My advice to any angler is don’t skimp on the price of your terminal tackle to avoid it ending in tears!

HooksTerminal tackle

Saltwater fishing hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, sizes can range from as small as a size 32 up to a 19/0.

Hooks come in 3 basic shapes, J hook, circle hook and treble hook.

Note: The shape and number of hooks you use may be determined by fishery laws in your state or territory.

The size of hook you use is usually determined by the mouth size of your target species, and the type and size of  bait you are using.

Presenting  a beach worm or pilchard is easier on a J hook, where as for a live bait  you would probably use a circle hook the right size to not effect the way the bait swims, and treble hooks are used when fishing with lures, where snagging the fish as it strikes your lure is necessary.

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SinkersFishing tackle sinkers

Fishing sinkers have 2 main purposes, to get your bait to the depth you need and to help in getting the distance you need to cast.

Both purposes are to get the bait to the where the fish are feeding.

Sinkers are usually made of lead, but over the years I have seen people try to use all sorts of things to weigh down their lines.

The benefit of lead is its weight to size ratio, and where necessary (using a split shot sinker), it is soft enough for you to pinch onto your line above your hook to vary how deep your hook sinks below the surface.

The main types  of sinkers are;

  •  Bank sinker, used for getting a bait to the bottom fast and holding it if there is a bit of current.
  • Egg, ball or running sinker.  Good for live bait and situations that let the bait seem as natural as possible or where casting a long way out is necessary.
  • Trolling sinkers. Used to get baits and lures down to a certain depth when trolling

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Swivelsswivels fishing tackle

Swivels have several uses and are sometimes underrated when it comes to their importance as part of your terminal tackle.

Different fishing rigs will call for a different combination of swivel sizes and types.

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From single twisted brass wire swivels, barrel or snap on ball bearing swivels, to brass wire 3 way swivels, they all help in allowing you to change rigs or lures over quickly, as well as assist is keeping the bait or lure moving as naturally as possible, and keeping your line from twisting.

Quality is the key to a good swivel, so investing a little more for good quality will not go unrewarded!

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Traces and LeadersTraces and Leaders

If you are trying to disguise your line so the fish don’t get spooked, or you need something a little more heavy duty because whatever your targeting has sharp teeth, then you will need to consider some form of trace or leader material.

You can purchase pre made leaders already put together and packaged for a certain species of fish, but if you are happy to make your own check out best fishing line to find out what is better to use.

If your after pre made or need something a little heavier duty like  a wire trace, there are plenty of sizes and styles choose from.

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Split ringssplit rings fishing

Some lure manufacturers, although their lures work extremely well, they sometimes use inferior quality hooks or rings.

If I’m targeting big, aggressive fish, I will always change over my hooks and rings, unless I am certain that the manufacturer has used quality components.

Changing any ring to a split ring, also allows me to change hooks easily, if I want to swap to a treble or single because of the way a fish might be attacking the lure to increase the chance of a hook up.

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Fishing FloatsFishing Floats

Fishing floats come in a huge variety of sizes shapes and colors, and are used to catch of wide range of fish species.

Where you are fishing and the type of fish your targeting help determine the size and shape of the float you need to use.

For smaller fish you need a smaller float that is more sensitive to when the fish bite.

If your fishing in rough conditions you need a wider float that is more stable and can stay above the water line.

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Jig HeadsJig Heads

Having spare, or different weighted jig heads allows you to try different casting and retrieving techniques when using soft plastics.

The shape and size of a jig head can change the action of the bait when retrieving and having a heavier head can allow you to drop the bait into the strike zone if it is deeper or you need to encourage a fish out of hiding.

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