Fishing TackleThe Right Fishing Tackle.

With every type of fishing, there is usually more than one way to rig up your fishing gear, and many variations in the type of fishing tackle different fisho’s use to target their favourite species.

As important as having the right fishing rod and fishing reel combo for your target species, and type of fishing you are doing, as equally important is your choice of terminal tackle or choice of fishing lures.

Not all fishing tackle is created equal and using the wrong, or inferior quality tackle can sometimes be the difference between landing and losing the fish of a lifetime!

Some styles of fishing and catching certain species, will use the same or similar tackle, while others will use a completely different range and type of tackle all together.

In general terms “fishing tackle” can cover every piece of equipment you use when fishing, for more specific information on what I call the hardware of your setup, go to fishing rods, fishing reels and Fishing lures.

Fishing Gear

The term “fishing gear” to me, is all the other paraphernalia that you use when fishing, like sounders, nets, tackle box’s, waders, lip grips, filleting knives etc. All of that you can find here under Fishing Gear!

Fishing LineFishing Line

Unless your fly fishing, there are 3 different types of line that work well on their own, in combination with one or both of the other types of fishing line.

Mono-filament is probably the most well know and wisely used of these 3 types, and then there is braided fishing line, which has become more and more popular because of it’s strength to size ratio, and then there is fluorocarbon line which is used as a leader material, due to it’s reflective properties that are similar to water, making it hard for the fish to see it.

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 Terminal TackleTerminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is the stuff you use at the end of your line that helps you attract your fish, help to drop and keep your bait where you need it, keep your lure working properly, and then hook your fish when it strikes.

No matter how good your hardware is set up, and how much fishing gear and gadgets you own, if your terminal tackle is not right, you might as well not bother going anywhere near the water.

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Different Fishing Tackle Needs

If you had fishing tackle for every situation, you would either own a tackle shop, or have one hell of a big tackle box.

Most fishing styles require a different tackle set up from rod and reel combo, right down to your terminal tackle setup.

Some set ups will be similar and in some cases you can use the same set up for several different fishing styles or target fish.

The best way to begin is to pick the style of fishing you will be doing and then try several variations until you find what works.

Bottom Fishing TackleBottom Fishing Rig

Bottom fishing can be as simple as a classic spin combo, spooled with mono filament line a running sinker and hook tied to the end, in search of Flathead, Whiting or Bream.

Depending on the species you are chasing there are several good setups and different ways of targeting the same fish.

If Bottom fishing is the way you prefer to fish then try a few from this guide.

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Surface fishing tackleSurface Fishing

whether you are into trolling, throwing lures, poppers and soft plastics, or you are floating a pilchard out the back in search of a mackerel or tuna then, this guide to surface fishing, should help to get you properly set up and ready to catch fish.

Getting the right combination of rod, reel, line class and terminal tackle, make surface fishing a great way to spend the day on the water.

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Surf or Rock Fishingsurf reels

Surf or rock fishing requires some slightly more heavy duty gear, that will allow you to get the line out past the breakers and in to where the fish are feeding.

The tackle for this style of fishing has to be robust as the conditions you sometimes find yourself in can mean the gear might get a bit of a working over when you are dealing with waves rocks and sand.

Get the right gear for surf or rock fishing and enjoy getting the salt sea air at it’s best.

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Fly FishingFly fishing 150

Fly fishing gear is a whole other kettle of fish (pardon the pun).

There is no cross over with fly fishing, allowing you to use the same gear for another style of fishing that I know of.

The line, rods and reels, are all specifically designed for this one style of fishing, the set up can differ depending on your target species and whether you use flies or a lure.

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Small Boat or kayak fishingKayak Fishing Gear

From these craft you have the option of doing all, or some of the styles of fishing above (rock or surf fishing not recommended!), having a versatile set up that fits in and around the size of craft you are using, can give you a great range of fishing styles and species to target.

Space is usually limited so you want to try a few things that don’t require too much gear.

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