Trolling Rods

Light TrollingLight Trolling rods

Light trolling of lures, spinners, soft plastics or even flies can be done from the bank, in a boat or kayak, and only require light gear as the target species are of only small to medium size, and are not considered to be fierce, powerful fighters.

Whether it is light to medium freshwater or saltwater fishing, a good casting or spinning rod is all that is required unless you are fly fishing, which requires a specific rod for this purpose.

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Baitcasting Rods For Light TrollingBaitcasting rods

Casting Rods combined with a baitcaster reel or other overhead style casting reel, can be used from either land or craft, to accurately cast along banks or around structure, then either use a slow retrieve method, or allow it to drift with the boat or tide, over areas that might contain fish.

Casting rods have a much shorter handle than other rods and are meant to be used with the line guides and reel facing up.

The guides tend to be the of similar size as the line gets fed out in a straight line, rather than twisting off an open faced spinning reel.

In the hands of an experienced angler, this can allow for greater casting distance, and more accurate casts, then other rod reel combinations

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Spinning Rods For TrollingSpinning Rods

If you are not familiar with using a baitcast reel, you may want to opt for a spinning rod and reel combo.

With a light spinning rod you have a little more flexibility in what you can use it for, and you don’t have to get used to using a baitcast reel which can be quite tricky for the novice.

These rods can be used the same as a casting rods, along banks and around structure, and several types of reel can be used with a spinning rod successfully.

Spinning rods are designed to have the line guides and reel facing down, and the handle is longer than a baitcasting rod to help balance out the weight of the reel hanging below.

The line guides start large and decrease in size towards the tip of the rod, to take out the twist in the line as it comes off the spool of a spinning reel.

Spinning rods can be a little more versatile than casting rods but a lot of it comes down to ease of use and comfort.

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Medium TrollingMedium Trolling Rods

Medium Trolling is done with larger stick baits, skirted lures or larger sized fresh bait, and are dragged at a distance behind the boat, in and around the edge of the boat wash.

The target fish tend to be aggressive pelagic fish, that have the strength to put up a fairly strong fight, and have a tendency to take a lot of line when they run, so a solidly built rod is necessary to aid the angler and counteract the strength of the fish.

The resistance from the lure or bait in the water alone puts a moderate strain on the rod, and then when a powerful fish strikes you’ll want to know your rod can handle the task!

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Big Game Trolling RodsHeavy Trolling Rods

When you are talking about big game fish, you only want a rod that is built to slow up a freight train!

The wrong rod can see you come undone very quickly, or be put through a lot more pain than is necessary to fight one of these monsters.

Game fishing rods are purpose built to handle anything and everything you can throw at them and are designed to aid the angler in bringing in and landing the fish of a lifetime.

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