Surface Fishing Rods

Surface Fishing Rods

There are lots of options when it come to surface fishing styles, and the type of rod you use can vary depending on your catch method and your target species.

  • Fly fishing
  • Trolling
  • Fishing with lures
  • Fishing with soft Plastics
  • Floating


Fly FishingFly fishing

Probably the oldest method of surface fishing, casting a fly along the banks or out into a stream, is a style of fishing all of its own, and needs a specialized rod to be able to master the art of fly fishing.

The action of the rod is the key component to working the line smoothly in preparation for a cast, and it is the length of the rod and the line weight, that then allow for longer smooth presentation of the fly into the strike zone.

Most fly rod companies build rods in 2 actions, a moderate or medium action (best suited for beginners), or a fast action rod, which when mastered allows the angler to feel the line in both the cast and retrieval stages.

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Trollingtrolling rods

Trolling lures or baits along a bank , behind a boat or kayak can be done with several different types of rod, the main difference is the size of fish you are targeting.

Trolling can be split into 3 classes,

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Light Trolling

Light trolling might be using small lures, spinners or soft plastics and can be done with either a casting rod or a spinning rod.

The smaller your target species the lighter the gear you can use which helps increase sensitivity for feeling more of what is going on at the other end of the line.

Medium Trolling

Medium Trolling can be using stick baits, skirted lures or medium sized bait fish on a gang hook set up to target pelagic’s like tuna, salmon, mackerel etc.

This can be done with both an overhead rod or a medium to heavy spinning rod with a rod and line class heavy enough to target these powerful varieties of fish.

Heavy TrollingHeavy trolling rods

Heavy trolling is pretty much your serious game fishing, and needs a rod that is going to deal with some of the fiercest predators of the sea.

Big game fishing requires specialized equipment that is built to handle the intense pressure of fighting big fish, but is also designed to assist the angler, by using the action of the rod during the retrieval phase.

The materials and components of these rods work together to maximize the chance of landing these monsters of the deep.

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Fishing with Lures and Soft Plasticsfishing with lures

The rods used for fishing with lures and soft plastics have to match the action and size of the lures you are using.

For light weight lures where a slow to medium retrieval is the action, a bait caster or light spin rod is perfect for flicking and whipping the line to get the lure to dance across the water to attract your target species.

Small crank and stick baits, rely on the action of the rod and rod tip to to work the lure across the surface of the water, a spin rod is good for the beginner but  a bait caster can be more accurate for casting among structure in search of shy fish.

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Poppers and Larger LuresTrolling lures

If your lures are slightly larger, such as poppers or large stick baits that you need to cast longer distances and retrieve at speed to get them jerking and splashing across the surface to attract your target species, then a spinning rod  is better suited to this style of fishing.

A medium action spin rod can be versatile and used for several different styles of fishing, and is perfect for using lures, soft plastics, crank baits, stick baits and poppers.

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Float Fishingfloat fishing

Float fishing usually requires a rod that is longer and rigid to be able to swing the weight of a float, bait, and other terminal tackle from a bridge or rock wall, into a deep hole or moving current.

The rod doesn’t need to be that sensitive as the float is the bite indicator and the rods strength is usually tested when lifting fish out of the water up to wherever you are fishing from.

A quality surf fishing rod can be perfect for this style of fishing and has both the length and action that is required when float fishing.

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