Shimano would have to be the most well known name in fishing gear, and for good reason!

If you want excellent quality, durable and strong then Shimano rods are the answer!

You can’t go past these 3 models if you are after excellent quality components and value for money!

Scimitar Graphite Rods

Shimano Rods

Any one of the rods in this range are the perfect addition to your rod arsenal.

This sensitive graphite composite blank has lightweight Aluminium Oxide Guides which is built for easy casting and retrieval and are the perfect tool when fishing with lures

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Shimano Voltaeus Rods

Shimano Voltaeus Fishing RodsVoltaeus rods are an ultra durable light sensitive fishing rod.

They have stainless steel guide frames with polished inserts for increased durability and are perfect for using both braid and mono lines.

As an all rounder this is one of the best shimano Rods

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Outside Fishing with Shimano Rods


Shimano TDR Trolling Rods

If you want the best tool for the job then the TDR Trolling Rods are perfect for just that, Trolling.

Built specifically  for the rigors of trolling, I haven’t found a rod that out performs this power packed construction.

They don’t come any stronger than the SHIMANO TDR TROLLING ROD

Match it up with any one of the great overhead Shimano Fishing Reels and your on a winner.

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Shimano Rods are probably one of the most popular pieces of Equipment for Fishing in the world.

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