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Best Surf Rods

The waves crashing around you, the sand between your toes, and the anticipation of what might be hiding in the white water just behind the break, is what makes surf fishing such a great and exciting way to fish.

Surf fishing has it’s challenges, and trying to use a rod not suited to the needs of this style of fishing, can be frustrating to say the least.

A surf rod needs to be long enough with the right action to allow you to cast out past the breakers, and still have the feel and then strength to pull a fish to shore against the currents and other elements associated with fishing the beach or off the rocks.

In the past surf rods were 1 piece rods specifically built for this style of fishing, but now there are some great 2 and 3 piece spin and casting rods that work well for surf fishing and can be used for other fishing styles as well.

Top of The Line Surf Rods

Daiwa Saltiga 3 piece Surf RodTop Surf Rods

The Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic Surf Rod is considered by many as the best heavy surf rod on the market!

At just over 13 feet it is extremely light weight yet extremely strong and powerful.

The fast action allows for long smooth casting and the adjustable balance weight is great due to the fact you can adjust it to suit different reels as this rod will accommodate both spinning and conventional casting reels.

It is a 3 piece rod which is brilliant for storage and transport, and with the V-flex ferrule system, breaking it down and putting it together is a breeze.

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St Croix Legend Surf Spin ModelsLegend surf rod

The surf spin range of St Croix rods are just a beautiful piece of workmanship, from their 1 piece 7 foot model, right up to the 11 foot 2 piece  these hand crafted works of art are almost too nice to take to the beach!

Even the 2 piece models have a unique ferrule design that allows this rod to feel and perform with the strength and power of a one piece.

The small diameter line guides minimize drag and allow for smooth casting as far as the eye can see.

With custom neoprene hand grips that improve grip even more when wet, make this a rod built for performance and comfort.

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Budget Surf Rods

If your not a regular surf angler, or you are just starting out, then one of these budget surf rods might be the best option.

If it is something you want to get into a little more, for these prices you can always up-grade later!

Surf RodOkuma Tundra Surf Glass Spin Rod

For the price I really don’t know how they do it because they are still a great rod.

This 3 piece is a solid rod with good action and durable glass fiber construction.

The components are not of the highest quality, although the line guides have ceramic inserts and the reel seat is stainless steel, so they should still last well if looked after.

If care is not taken, the joins of the rod will seize up making it impossible to pull them apart, so if you want your rod to continue to be a 3 piece, investing in a little bees wax or other lubricant might be a good idea.

All round though for the price these are a great rod  to have on hand next time the beach is calling!

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