Spinning RodBest Spinning Rods

Spinning rods for have to be the most widely used of all the rod types, their versatility and ease of use make them perfect for Children or the new angler, and now there is a spinning rod that can be used for just about every style of fishing.

Spinning rods are built with the reel seat (where the reel attaches) and the line guides, all hanging below the rod.

The line guides closest to the butt of the rod are the largest, gradually getting smaller as they move towards the tip of the rod.

Spin rods come in all sizes, light, medium and heavy, and depending on the style of fishing you are doing, and the fish you are targeting will determine what spinning rod is best suited.

Light Spin Rods

For light applications such as using small lures, spinners or soft plastics, a light spin rod is the perfect choice.

A rod with a good action for short to medium casts, and a sensitivity to feel even the smallest of bites makes these rods, easy and fun to use.

Shimano Solara 2 Piece Spin RodBest Spin Rods

The Solara range of spin rods come in an ultra light, right up to a medium heavy, and are a very popular choice as a reliable, well constructed rod.

They are a medium power, fast action rod and are made with a durable aeroglass blank construction.

The line guides are reinforced aluminium oxide to eliminate corrosion, the grip is a comfortable cork on the forearm and rear grip, with a graphite reel seat that locks to hold your reel in place at all times.

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St Croix Premium Spin RodsSpinning rods

From the makers of some of the worlds best fly and ice fishing rods, comes the St Croix Premium Spinning rod series.

These rods are first class when it come to components, weight and feel, and are built to handle the toughest fish.

Strong and durable graphite construction, with premium components from the re-enforced line guides, to the quality cork handles, they are a well balanced finely tuned all round spinning rod.

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Medium To Heavy Spinning Rods

If your bottom fishing from the bank, surf fishing, trolling out at sea or deep sea fishing you need a medium to heavy spin rod for the job.

Good quality spin rods, even at a heavier weight still have a medium to light action to allow you to still have the sensitivity of a lighter rod, with the pulling power of a much bigger rod.

The materials used in today’s spinning rods give them super strength while still allowing them to flex through a full range of movement to aid the angler in absorbing the pull of a big fish, and help them bring them to the boat in a more controlled manner.

Daiwa Sweep fire Medium Spin RodBest Spinning Rods

If your after quality for low cost, daiwa rods are always worth a look.

This medium spin rod is medium action and comes in either 6″ or 7″ in length.

The tough fibreglass construction matched with quality line guides, stainless steel reel seat holder and a natural cork grip , makes this one of the best quality affordable spin rods on the market.

If your looking for your first medium spin rod, you can’t go past the Daiwa sweep fire for value.

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Abu Garcia Vendetta RangeAbu Garcia Spin Rods

The Vendetta range covers several style of fishing but their spin rods are a one piece work of art.

They have been re-designed to add greater strength and durability, using cutting edge new technology within the construction of the rod to improve it’s over all performance and strength rating.

These rods are extremely well balanced and surprisingly light in weight, with quality stainless steel guides and zirconium inserts they are tough and built to last.

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