Fishing RodsFishing Rods

Every type of fishing now has a rod and reel specifically designed for that type of fishing.

Major brands have spent millions  researching, designing and creating these rods to suit the needs of both the beginner, and the most seasoned of anglers, but for the uninitiated this has created a huge amount of confusion as to how to choose the right fishing rod that will best suit their needs.


Choosing The Right Rod

The brand and quality of a rod you purchase, will usually come down to your budget, but getting a rod that suits your needs and budget can be made easier if you look at the main style of fishing you do, and then from there choose a rod with the right power and action to handle the size and power of the main species of fish you like to target.

Some rods are able to be used for more than one application (such as spin rods), while others (such as fly rods) are only designed for that style of fishing.

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Off Shore Fishing

Game FishingGame Fishing Rods

Game fishing requires some pretty heavy duty gear and not having the right equipment when you hook up can be a nightmare and disappointing, if you can’t get your fish close enough to the boat to claim your catch.

You need a tough rod that can be rigged up with a heavy duty game reel, and one that is built to handle the strenght and power of large game fish

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TrollingDeep Sea Trolling

General Trolling for fish like tuna, mackerel, wahoo and mahi mahi, can be done with either a medium trolling rod, or a heavier duty spinning rod.

Lighter gear might be used for trolling small lures along a river bank, behind a boat or small craft like a kayak.

In either case it usually depends on the type of reel you prefer to use, and the size of the lures or baits you are trolling.

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Bottom BashingSpinning rods

A solid rod that works with the angler to allow you to pull big fish to the surface, away from reef to avoid cut offs, is what you need when bottom bashing for species like snapper, king fish, amber jacks and other large reef species.

A good casting rod with over head reel, or heavy spin rod both work well when fishing the bottom and high speed jigging.

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Surface Fishing with Lures, Plastics or PoppersSpinning rods

Having good action for casting a long distance from the boat, into schools of bait fish, or close to shallow reefs, is what is required for this style of fishing.

Once you have hooked up you need a rod with plenty of back bone, to be able to play a fish and get it to the side of the boat without it busting you off and ruining your day.

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In Shore fishing

Whether you have a small boat, a kayak or you are standing on the bank of your local river, creek, stream or dam, the following rods are the main types used for the different styles of in shore fishing.

CastingCasting Rod

Casting rods have the guides and reel seat mounted on the top of the rod blank, this allows for a little extra strength when using light gear, and the guides are designed to add minimum friction to the line when casting, this allows for accurate casts when using lures, plastics and spinners, to present them perfectly into the strike zone.

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Spinningspinning Rod

Probably the most commonly used fishing rod, due to it’s ease of use, and versatility when it comes to the different styles of fishing you can do with this one rod.

Bottom fishing, trolling, flicking lures, soft plastics and spinners are all possible with a spinning rod.

The guides and reel seat are hung from the bottom, and are designed to accommodate the way the line rolls off a spinning reel, to avoid line tangle, and allow for smoother, faster retrieval than most casting outfits.

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Fly FishingFly Rod

Fly fishing takes lots of practice, and requires a rod designed specifically for the reels and line used for this type of fishing.

The length is longer than most spinning and casting rods, and has a completely different action to work in with weightlessness of the fly and technique of fly casting.

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Surf fishingsurf fishing

Surf Fishing from the beach or rocks, needs a rod that is long enough and strong enough, to cast long distances with heavy baits or lures, out beyond the breakers, and then be able to feel and fight with a big fish being churned around by the ocean.

Most surf fishing rods accommodate a side cast reel, mounted lower down the rod closer to the butt, to help balance the extra weight of these reels.

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Telescopic Fishing RodsTelescopic Fishing Rods

If you love traveling, or just like to have a rod close at hand for when you might need it, a telescopic fishing rod would be the perfect choice.

Telescopic rods now come in sizes anywhere from a 12 foot surf rod to a 5 foot spin rod and everything in between.

They compact down easily and can fit in you car glove compartment, in a back pack or large tackle box.

The best of these compact rods are surprisingly strong, still have good sensitivity, and come with quality components for reliability and effortless casting an retrieval.

If your a fisho on the go, a telescopic fishing rod could be the answer.

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