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The humble fishing reel of the past has certainly come a long way from it’s early days, to the high tech varieties we have today.

Spinning, bait cast, fly, overhead, side cast and even electric fishing reels are just some of the varieties that are on the market today.


Best Fishing Reels

It all depends on what type of fishing you are doing, and what your target species is, as to what type of reel will best suit, and combining the right reels with the right type of fishing rods  is very important.

The different Types of Reels.

SpinningSpinning Reel

Spinning reels are probably the most common of all the fishing reels, as they are versatile and can be used for just about every type of fishing.

The spool size and gear ratio can vary and again, will be determined by the type of fishing you are doing.

The spool size comes down to the weight rating and amount of the line you are using most often.

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The gear ratio is how many times the bail arm rotates around the spool for every time you turn the handle.

If you are Deep sea fishing you would want a high gear ratio for jigging or when using fast retrieve lures.

These reels have lots of moving parts that can become corroded and seized up, if proper care is not taken to keep then clean and dry.

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Bait CastBaitcast Reels

Advantages of these reels is that you can be a lot more accurate with your casting, and one reel will handle a larger range of line sizes without having to increase your reel size like you would with a spinning reel.

Bait casters are designed to fit in the palm of your hand and can be used with bigger lures or jigs when targeting larger species.

Bait casters take a little bit of practice to get used to them, and having them set up properly helps to eliminate back lash and line tangle.

Not a popular choice for beginners as they are difficult to use, but once you have mastered them, you will be able to cast further and into tighter spaces for when you are fishing around structure with lures or soft plastics.

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Fly FishingFly Reel

Specifically designed for fly fishing, these reels are not really able to be used for any other type of fishing.

The basic design of these reels is usually the best for the majority if fly fisherman, as any attempt of improving the basic 1:1 gear ration and adding automatic retrieve has to date not really been achieved with any great deal of success.

Even the latest Daiwa Reels don’t have any more features than your basic design.

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Over HeadOver Head Reels

Over head reels are the work horse of deep sea fishing.
These versatile fishing reels can be used for trolling lures, plastics or live baits targeting marlin, tuna or wahoo, as well bottom bashing or jigging for snapper, king fish and other quality reef  species.

Unless you are forking out a fortune for a quality reel, then features like a level winder will tend to be cheap and nasty and will usually seize up right at the worst possible moment.

A good place to start is with one of the Shimano fishing reels like the TLD, to me this is a standard work machine to cover just about any situation, from there you can go to a lighter or heavier overhead depending on your target species.

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Side CastSide Cast Reel

If you do a lot of beach fishing,  from a river bank or wide creek, and need to get long casts with heavy gear, then a side cast is perfect for those situations.

They are also good for beach situations because they have few moving parts and keeping them working well is a low maintenance task, if you drop it in the sand it is a matter of flushing out any sand and then just keep on fishing.

The only brand I use and trust in a side cast are Alvey Reels, world wide fro have to be best known for there solid build making them tough and reliable.

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