Bottom FishingBottom Fishing Rods

Fishing the bottom can be in 2 feet of water or more than 200 feet of water, and each style of fishing requires a bottom fishing rod to handle the type of fish you are targeting.

With all bottom fishing, sensitivity in the rod tip is the key to being able to react in time when a fish first starts to nibble at the bait, up to the time a fish strikes.

Having a rod that is strong enough to drag your target fish to the surface, but be sensitive enough to feel the bite, is sometimes a tricky combination to get right.

Bottom Fishing rods for Deep Sea FishingSpinning rods for deep sea fishing

Both overhead and medium to heavy spinning rods can be used successfully fishing the bottom out at sea, an overhead rod is good for dragging large predators away from the reef and up to the surface, with strong pulling power, a design factor in most of these rods today.

The technology and materials used in both overhead and spinning rods has come along way from the old bamboo pole, and each component of the rod now works to aid the angler when fighting large fish.

The action of a spinning rod allows it to be used for most other styles of deep sea fishing, where as an overhead rod will usually be a little stiffer and only good for bottom fishing and medium trolling.

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Boat Fishing RodsBoat Spinning rod

Boat rods for fishing the bottom need to be sensitive, light and easy to cast.

In deeper waters you can fish the bottom directly below the boat, but in shallower waters you will want to be able to cast away from the boat over towards structure, up or down stream, all depending on your target fish.

A rod with quality components that allows for smooth cast and retrieval helps to minimize the chance of spooking the fish when you finally come across them, and makes for effortless action time after time.

Most boat fishing is done from a seated position, which can effect casting if the rod is too short or too stiff.

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Surf Fishing Rodssurf fishing

Another form of bottom fishing that usually requires a different rod set up is surf fishing.

Surf fishing rods need to be longer and have a good action to allow for long casts out past the breakers, to where the fish are feeding.

Surf rods will have large line guides to accommodate  heavy line gauges, and to minimize friction when casting, the butt of these rods is generally longer to accommodate heavier reels such as a side cast reel, which help balance out the weight for the comfort  of the angler.

Good quality components are a must as keeping sand and salt water off them is merely impossible, so you need components that will handle the rough conditions of the beach.

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